"ON MY BO$$"  by Goddess



Da OutCrowd

Behold.....Da Goddess!

Team Ladi OutCrowd






Da Goddess, a Multi-Talented Hip-Hop Artist/ Songwriter is by far one of the Dopest FemCees underground! Her Boss Lady mentality and fyre-spitting flow complements her Dynamic Sound. Goddess is known to bless Tracks with Lyrical versatility n Attitude! A Beauty, but a Beast in da booth, she moves the crowd with authentic style 

and Prompt delivery. The Midwest Diva is Chief Editor and Designer of her very own Hip Hop Publication, MWM Mag, and Owner of SoloElementz Publishing, Diamond In da Dirt ENT. and her own authentic soon to Market Fashion Brand, PersiA LeDome'!

The Ladi OutCrowd member Performs, Promotes, and is affiliated with various Music scene icons on both Business and Collaboration.  As an Artist, Goddess is a True Lyricist, Challenge, and quite Fierce! Known for her Dope Rhymes, Raging Energy, and Down to earth stature, Da Goddess WoWs many as a female emCee. She started sptting rhymes in Middle School, and won her first Competition as the only female Contestant awarded First Place Prize in St. Louis' former Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr's Educational Rap Contest. The Artist grew up recording in her Uncle's home studio, and she never looked back. Her name- A statement alone, given her Mass persona and lyrikal style and ability! Raised in the Inner City Region of a Murder capitol, she fed, bred, and spun off her "hood life" experiences and grasped a Dream in each image. The Royal poet references hard life and survival, while pitching a tone of Understanding and War. She is Savvy, yet Alarming to those who underestimate the Art of her Craft. Suprisingly, The femcee is as Phenomenal with R&B and POP , as she also sings and writes original songs. Coming from a musically inclined family, there is no doubt in Goddess' mind that music is a natural Master for her. A Beauty but a Beast in the Booth, behold, The Goddess!


Formerly known as the First Lady of her High School organized Music Group, HoodElements, Da Goddess kicked the title after the Group gradually fell apart. Many recognize the Rhyme Diva from beating on the lunchroom tables and spitting barz in her HighSchool hallways! Da Goddess remained a Solo Icon, and in 2010, converted the former group name into SoloElementz, her BMI registered Publishing Company. An enterprenuer at her best, she merged MWM MAGazine and other Published works underneath, as an Artist, Editor, and Author of 2 Up Coming Novels! Da Goddess then began Marketing and Promotions for her own DIAMOND IN DA DIRT ENT. with the MIXTAPE being the Line up Product! In the world of indicating ground, she met many Aspiring Teams, Artists, and Affiliates. But none struck her Interest as Firm as DA OUTCROWD. Though still tied with her Self Made Brand and Label mates, Da Goddess stamped Ladi OutCrowd, as an official RoyalBred Team Member. "They are All Fam... Really like some of the most Talented, Serious, & Loyalist in The Midwest", she states. "Joining forces with other Solo Artists who are devoted and Investing in the movement is nothing but Luv n Winning Results!" Da Goddess pays homage to many when she speaks of those she has worked with or favor. All in All, She says she plans to Rock wit Da OutCrowd as a Ladi OutCrowd Band member, while still An entity herself. "I believe in Da Team, Like I believe in Myself, so with that being said It's Official!" The Artist confirms.